Mudder T

Latest endeaver, designed a t-shirt for some pals in Seattle doing the Tough Mudder event. I've always wanted to design a t-shirt for a marathon, but was never going to do one myself. Bucket listed! Their team name was Muddy By Nature and I took the opportunity to illustrate all the obstacles for the back.


A wedding gift for my sister, in addition to doing all her wedding collateral, and one of the first cross stitches I did following a pattern. There's a special significance to the house I chose for the newlyweds. They got married at The Rookery that has a gorgeous interior done by Frank Lloyd Wright. He built this home for his wife and served as his private residence and workplace the first 20 years of his career. Happy 1 year!


Painted a plaka homage to the genius Mad Men opening sequence; which is a nod to one of the greats Saul Bass, graphic designer and film title extraordinaire. Now I have some new art for my mantle.

Gift Ideas

What's more special than a DIY personalized cross stitch? Putting my new hobby to good use. (1) Clutches I own from my favorite handbag designer, birthday gift. (2) Baby shower gift. (3) Thought I should start signing off on my cross stitches. Sincerely, mp

Family Portrait

After months of practice, learning different techniques, attempted my own pattern of pixel people.

Wedding production

Some quick production photos, keeping my sister up to date, while I worked on her wedding collateral.

Cross stitching

My latest hobby; needed something to balance out my long hours on the computer. Immediately I noticed the similarities between cross stitching and working with pixels.

Birthday postcard

2012: Wanted a fun birthday postcard mailer to send out to friends. Sometimes you can't find exactly what you're looking for, so make your own! Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.5"

Mini polaroid magnets

2012: Saw this on a DIY blog and had to try it! Very simple, easy and I was able to "mini polaroid" some photo booth pictures from a friend's wedding.

Mother's Day

2011: Temporary paper pot holders. My dilemma was how to nicely present the plants without having to buy actual ceramic pots, because these were going to be planted in the ground anyway.

Plaka exercise

2010: Painting with plaka is always a great exercise for practicing craftsmanship by hand, and being able to step away from a computer. Triptych of snowman + owl = batman. Plaka on illustration board

Mom's Birthday Card

2010: Hand-crafted custom envelope and card for Mom's birthday. Fits 4"x6" photograph.

Dad's 60th Birthday Tribute

2009: Illustrated, designed and bound (saddle-stitched) by me. Text are letters contributed by my siblings. Showing 4 of 6 spreads.